Professional and Expierenced Staff

Leonard Lindquist- President

As a young boy, Leonard loved playing in the mud. Well, today he has over 21 years of concrete lifting experience and plays in the mud daily as a HydraulLIFTER, Inc.!

Before starting HydraulLIFT, Inc., Leonard had 21 years of concrete lifting experience and 22 years construction/maintenance knowledge. Leonard always reminds his staff their main focus is the customer. He focuses on quality control, following through on each project, scheduling, bidding and customer relations. Part of what makes Leonard better than most in this business is that he truly does understand the complexity of water issues, soil stabilization and most importantly how our little business will be able to assist in your needs.

The HydraulLIFT, Inc. company headquarters are in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Although we didn’t invent mudjacking, HydraulLIFT, Inc. is what we believe to be the first official, American name brand in the United States for mudjacking. That's right, a South Dakota small business born right here in the Midwest is the first to have a name brand in this industry.