Frequently Asked Concrete Questions

What is HydraulLIFT, Inc/ mudjacking?
Mudjacking (also known as concrete lifting/ slabjacking) is the process of pumping a lifting material under concrete slabs.  The lifting material spreads out, fills any voids and gently lifts the sunken concrete slab to original grade.

What can be mudjacked?
Virtually any slab of concrete can be mud jacked including: sidewalks, patios, pool decks, garage floors, driveways, factory floors, approaches and stairs/ stoops.

What is void filling?
Void filling is performed by pumping our environmentally safe lifting material mixture through a hose or nozzle to fill in empty areas under the slabs left by erosion or animal habitation.
How long before repaired areas can be used?
Slabs can be walked on as soon as work has been completed in most cases.  When concrete driveways or garage floors are raised, we recommend a 48 hour waiting period before vehicles are driven on them.
Is there a charge for an estimate?
No, all estimates are free of charge within the Sioux Falls surrounding areas, outside the Sioux Falls surrounding areas there maybe a trip charge, due to gas prices.
Do I need to be home when the estimate or project is performed?
No, unless access is needed to interior to perform the estimate or project. We invite you to watch us work. 
Do I need to be home when the work is performed?
No, as long as the work is on the exterior.  All that we ask is access to an outside water spigot for cleanup after the job is completed.

Who is responsible for authorizing work and paying the agreed amount for project?
Property owners are responsible.

Does HydraulLIFT, Inc. offer a warranty? 
Yes! We have our warranty information on our bid sheets and we educate every client about our warranty information.

Are we insured and in compliance to state laws?
Yes, we are properly insured.We are legally registered to perform work in: Minnesota, Iowa , Nebraska and South Dakota.