We are the Concrete Lifting and Leveling Specialists. No project too big or too small.

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Why choose HydraulLIFT, Inc.?

We can repair cracks in driveways, sidewalks, patios, garage floors, pool decks, stairs, grain bin floors, warehouse floors, and more!

Ask about our caulking and sealing services available to you now!

HydraulLIFT, Inc. is legally  licensed  to work in South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa. Our company complies with these states and their laws.  We are members of the HBA, BBB of Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.

Our Advantages Include:

  • Cost Efficient. 1/3 the cost of tear out and replacement!
  • Safety and liability issues are resolved by correcting tripping hazards.
  • Water issues and drainage problems resolved by redirection of water.
  • Improved appearance of property is noticed immediately.
  • The work can be done in a matter of hours and in most cases within the same day.
  • Property values increase and home inspection issues are cleared.
  • There is little or no disruption to the landscape.
  • Stabilizes the subsoil to help with frost issues.
  • Fills voids, eliminating the penetration of water, animals and insects.
  • Little interruption with your daily routine. The process does not need to "cure" like newly poured concrete, so you are able to walk on it right away!
  • HydraulLIFT® is a proven solution that is FOCUSED in one area, for you!
  • concrete lifting is considered GREEN and we use 100% environmentally safe materials

Common Problems Corrected By Hydraullift®

  • Patios tipping in toward the house
  • Garage floors tilting down away from the doors
  • Basement floors sinking around the edges
  • Sidewalks with a trip hazard at the control joints
  • Stoops with a slope towards the house